Terms and Conditions

Persons applying to rent a vehicle must meet the minimum age requirements of the rental company, including ID card and passport, have at least two years of driving experience and a driver's license at the time of rental.


  Renters declare that they have received the vehicle in good condition, and they further declare that the vehicle corresponds to what is stated in the vehicle condition report. Renters undertake to return the vehicle in the same condition.


  The vehicle may be driven directly by the person renting the vehicle or an authorized driver, where applicable, third party liability insurance and third party damage insurance must be provided. The renter must bring the vehicle to the place specified by the rental company on the date specified by it.


Renter is responsible for fuel costs and service charges. The lessee must comply with the legislation of the country where the vehicle is operated, controlled and secured, the lessee is responsible for damage to property and passengers due to carelessness, the lessee may not sell the vehicle or any part of it.


The vehicle can be operated in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan only for the intended purposes.

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